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Test your Knowledge & Learn some Fun Facts: Trivia Quiz

Fun Facts of Pulaski County Kentucky
Answers to our Facebook Quiz:

Trivia Questions & Answers

A. Who is famous from Pulaski County and a former Boston Celtic? Reggie Hanson.

Reggie Hanson was a graduate of Pulaski County High school and played at the University of Kentucky from 1987-1991. He went on to play for the Boston Celtics in 1997-1998.

B. Who was the first settler in Pulaski County KY? Thomas Hansford

Thomas Hansford wa the first documented settler in Pulaski County in 1798. He went on to Pastor the Stinking Creek Baptist church. The court was held in his home until the first courthouse was built.

C. Venus Ramey is known for living in Pulaski County KY. What is she famous for? Miss America 1944

Venus Ramey spent several years calling Pulaski County home. In 1944, she won the title of Miss America. She was the first red head to be crowned and the first to photograph in color. She went on to become an activist throughout her career and ran a farm in Pulaski County for over 50 years. She was even a write-in Presidential candidate in the 2000 election.

D. What television series filmed a bank robbery scene in Somerset? Justified

Justified, the multi series television drama referenced Somerset in multiple episodes. During season 1, a bank robbery scene was set to take place in downtown Somerset. The TV series ran on FX from 2010-2015 and starred Timothy Olyphant.

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