Valentine’s Day Traditions

Valentine's Day Card

It’s always nice to spend one day a year going above and beyond to show the person you love, how much they mean to you. We start from an early age celebrating this Day, it is a bright spot in mid-winter that everyone begins to look forward to. The color red, heart shapes, flowers, chocolate, and all the sweet notes, have become known as our Valentine’s Day traditions.

Are you thinking you need to do more this year? Maybe you want to try out some historical traditions of Valentine’s Day or some that are celebrated around the world.

Taiwan– Celebration is all about flowers. If you’re wondering if your significant other is proposing, all you have to do is count the flowers. If you receive 108 roses, they are asking you to marry them. Did you get 107 on February 14th, you have another chance on July 7th.

Japan– Do you want to know how much someone admires you? If you receive “hommei choo” (true love chocolate), they are really in love with you. If you receive “giri choco” (obligatory chocolate), you are in the “friend zone”. Women give chocolates to the men on February 14, but men must wait until March 14th (White Day) to give to women.

Denmark– Flowers are beautiful but don’t last exceptionally long, so in Denmark they give pressed flowers called snowdrops. They also send funny poems or notes anonymously called gaekkebrev (meaning snowdrop letter). If the receiver guesses who sent it, they receive an egg on Easter but if they guess wrong, they owe the sender an egg.

Red roses

Germany– Do you want to get a Valentine? You may not after learning they trade pig inspired gifts.

Philippines– Looking for a cheap wedding? The government hosts a Gala on this day performing one large wedding ceremony for young couples to get married for free…. Not good for a venue business.

England– Jack Valentine is the Santa of Valentine’s Day. The children fill the hills with sounds of songs while people shower them with candy, fruit, and money. Some also exchange plum shuttles (Valentine buns) made from raisins, plums, and caraway seeds. Women used to place 5 bay leaves on their pillows on Valentine Eve to bring dreams of their future husbands.

Mexico– “El Día del Amor y Amistad” (Day of Love and Friendship) No matter if you are married, in a relationship, or friends, everyone celebrates this Day.

South Africa– Don’t wake up on February 14th expecting chocolates, they celebrate on February 15th. They actually wear their heart on their sleeves- they write the name of their love on paper and pin it on their sleeve.

Valentine's Chocolate
Verona Romeo and Juliet

South Korea– Get ready Men, this one is for you! On February 14th, women shower men with chocolate…but don’t worry, they celebrate love on the 14th day of each month. In fact, April 15th is for singles (Black Day). They celebrate or mourn being single by dressing in black and eating Black Noodles in black bean sauce known as “jajangmyeon. May 14th may be a happier day known as “the day of kisses”.

Verona– The love of Romeo and Juliet sets the day for Valentines. You don’t just celebrate one day, but festivities go on for four days. You can even join in on a love letter-writing contest to Juliet.

X symbol– This tradition came about in medieval times when people could not sign their names. A X would be made for their signature in front of a witness and then they would give it a kiss for sincerity.

Ghana– Need help with marketing, maybe the country of Ghana can help. In 2007, to boost tourism, they declared February 14th “National Day of Chocolate”….. Why didn’t I think of this??

Wales– January 25th is their day of celebration. If you want to show someone you love them, you exchange hand-made spoons. “Day of Dwynwen” has been celebrated with this tradition since the 16th century.

Wooden Hand-made spoon
Love Swans

Chocolate– You must follow your doctor’s orders. In the 1800’s physicians would order patients to eat chocolate to calm them after losing a love.

Ancient Greeks and Romans– Do you trust a bird to pick your spouse? The folklore stated that the first bird an unmarried woman saw on Valentine’s Day, was the symbol of the man she would marry. The swan meant loyal partner for life, dove- kind-hearted man, and blackbird- clergy or spiritual man.

Victorians– Before Hallmark and e-cards, the Victorians would send a “puzzle purse”. Your love would receive several separate handwritten love letters that could be combined and displayed as treasure in their home. If they did not like their suitor, they would send a “vinegar valentine”. Another tradition by the Victorians was for the gentlemen to send one glove to his admirer, in the hope she would return his feelings by wearing the one glove on Easter Sunday.

France– The very first Valentine’s Day Card was thought to be sent in 1415 in France. Charles, The Duke of Orleans, sent love letters to his wife from prison that started the exchange of Valentines. France is home to a village known as Valentine even though February 14th has not always been a day of love. A now banned tradition usually would end in violence. Men and women would pair up and men would have the option of changing their date for another date. The women not chosen would ban together and burn pictures of their scorned lovers.

Italy– All women better strategically go to sleep the night before Valentine’s Day, because the ancient tradition stated that women were to awake before dawn and that the first single man they saw on February 14th is whom they will end up with (or somebody that looks like them).

Italy Sunrise

With all these traditions, Valentine’s Day has developed many options of showering our loved ones on this day.

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