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Meet the Owners

Joseph and Kristen Lyons purchased Thee Parsonage in 2021 from the First United Methodist church in downtown Somerset. While Kristen grew up as a member of the church, she frequently visited Thee Parsonage for local youth group, and it began her love of historical homes. As Joe and Kristen began their life together 25+ years ago, one dream was to always start their own unique business. While they have always had full-time roles of being in nursing administration and governmental building inspection, they always kept searching for making their dream come true. Thee Parsonage had always stood out to both of them as an iconic feature of the town and over the past couple of years they would drive by it and see that Thee Parsonage remained empty. Not wanting to lose this special treasure for the town, they realized their opportunity had arrived. To be able to share this beauty with everyone was exactly the vision they had been waiting for and so it was the beginning of Thee Parsonage Venue & Suites and their dream. They are excited to celebrate this journey with each and every one of you.

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